Chex Quest

Chex Quest is a phenomenon that started back in 1996 when the makers of Chex cereal (at that time Ralston) contracted with a software company to produce a computer game to promote their product. It was the first time a computer game had been distributed in this manor and it was very successful.

The game was packaged on a CD with boxes of Chex and a sequel was made available for download from the internet. Today, even though the cereal maker no longer supports Chex Quest, other ventures using the theme have been created by avid fans. It has been kept alive for 10 years now presumably because of its simple, clean, fun, and addictive nature.

I stumbled across Chex Quest in 2006 while looking for a computer game for my kids. We enjoyed the game so much that I felt compelled to play a small part in keeping Chex Quest alive. I've started a new Chex Quest themed episode built upon the popular "The Ultimate Chex Quest" by Boingo the Clown. It's called "Chex Quest Deep-Sea Adventure" and it's the reason why I started this web site.

Of all the software programs I have imagined releasing, a crazy little computer game was never one of them. Nevertheless, Chex Quest Deep-Sea Adventure is the first offering brought to you by ivhim software solutions.

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